Agustin Dieste

Agustin Dieste ,

Agustin has collaborated with us in different formats as a freelance Architect since 2014. He graduated as an Architect in Uruguay in 2013, before completing an MSc. Material Practice at the University of Edinburgh in 2016.
After that he went along pursuing his interest in digital manufacturing applied to construction, by working at the technical department of major company in the emerging mass timber construction sector for a year. He has worked extensively in the technical aspects of modular construction for architectural practices and construction companies in Uruguay, Ireland, the UK and Spain.
A lover of wood in all its forms, from living trees to buildings made with them, Agustin enjoys the forest as much as the workshop and when not in front of a computer he can be found enjoying the outdoors with his partner and son or making wooden things.

Agustin left Cooley Architects in 2023 but continues to work with Northlight Architects